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An estimated three million American professionals never step a foot in an office outside of their own home and another 54% say they are happier that way.
— Kenneth Rapoza , Contributor to Forbes.com
image from CountryLiving.com

image from CountryLiving.com

This idea of work-life balance is a relevant topic in our culture. Many of our jobs are shifting to places outside of the traditional office. Often times, this means our homes become our offices. This offers us incredible freedom while at the same time presenting new and unique challenges. Your home or apartment may not have a full scale office, suitable for all of your supplies and the space you need. Whether you have an entire room, a closet, a nook or just a desk- here are some suggestions to make your workspace work for you! 


Chances are, your work space may have accumulated excess items that don't really add function or beauty. Those things can go. Challenge yourself to fill a box or trash bag with items that you don't "love" for your home office area. By freeing yourself up, you will be better able to enjoy the pieces you keep. The decrease in clutter may help to allow mind space for more creative or productive work. 


Gather the necessities to complete your unique workspace. Think through the items you need: a computer, telephone, files, calculator, pens, calendar, etc. If a primarily empty desk space is important to you, consider shelves and storage under your desk. If you like to visibly see all your key tools for the work day- find a tray to contain those items or an open shelf above the desk. A few items of inspiration can allow you to not only use your space efficiently, but to enjoy it. Do you love art, books, words, or white space - incorporate it into your work area. 


image from RealSimple.com

image from RealSimple.com

  1.  Limited on space- incorporate a folding screen to divide a room into two separate spaces.

  2. Cord control- use this system to keep cords in place.

  3. Mailing station- pretty baskets or containers can keep your various mailing supplies together.