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Image by Laurey W. Glenn

Image by Laurey W. Glenn

There are so many blogs and columns out there that it can be overwhelming and hard to find the good stuff. We’ve gathered a few of our latest favorites to share with you below. What blogs do you read regularly? We’d love to know your go-to’s!

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  2. 15 finds from schoolhouse for a well ordered home

  3. Home Keeping 101

  4. 5 ways I keep my life and mind organized

  5. 7 things to get rid of now so you’ll have more storage space for the Holidays

Holiday gift guide: Give the gift of experience rather than goods

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Christmas is less than two weeks away and we have a great list of gift ideas that won't clutter up the homes of the ones you love. We have compiled ideas for all age groups, budgets, and interests. We've even managed to think of ways to support local businesses without having to purchase tangible items. Whether you're shopping for "the person that already has everything", someone who is working toward a minimal lifestyle, or for someone that you wish would get rid of some clutter, we've got you covered. 


  • A Weekend away. Knoxville is conveniently located in driving distance from Nashville, Atlanta, Louisville, Chattanooga, and the Smokey Mountains. Try out an air bnb property rather than a hotel for a more personalized experience.
  • Dinner out. A few of our local favorites are A dopo, Knox Mason, Emelia, and J.C. Holdway
  • Manicure, pedicure, massage, spa treatment etc. Support a local salon like Wild Lavender or Pure Lux

Give the gift of classes or offer to teach someone a skill that you have:

  • Teach a loved one to knit, crochet, embroider, or sew. Loopville offers lots of classes for all levels of learning
  • Teach someone how to bake your "signature" treat or cook your favorite meal or give the gift of cooking classes at The Cutting Edge Classroom
  • Music/instrument lessons. Bill Jones Music offers many options.
  • Art or pottery classes. Check out Mighty Mud or ask a local artist if they offer private lessons.
  • Yoga membership or class package. The Glowing Body is one of our favorite locally owned studios.
  • Photography classes. Light Finds offers classes and private lessons as well!


The Mill & Mine:  Image Source

The Mill & Mine: Image Source

Gift ideas for Kids:

The Basement community art studio.  Image Source

The Basement community art studio. Image Source


CSA share. Image source

CSA share. Image source

Think outside of the box this year and give those you love something that they will remember forever!

six changes you can make to feel less stressed

Have you ever come home from a stressful day of work and needed to escape? Maybe you already stay home and need a space to feel at ease. We've got six changes you can make within your home to help you de-stress. 

1. Add Plants: 

Decorating with plants not only adds life and freshness into your home, but by bringing nature inside, you will instantly feel a since of calmness. For Air-Filtering plants, be sure to check out this post!

2. Let More Natural Light In

By opening up your curtains, you are letting more Vitamin D into your home. Vitamin D aids in a stronger immune system and is proven to make you happier. Cozy, warm rooms can be calming, but when you need a 'pick-me up',  be sure to let some light flood in.

3. Add in Calming Colors

Colors such as blue, violet, pink, and green are known to help calm your mind. Whether you choose to paint your walls a calming color, or simply add in art or accessories, these colors are sure to sooth your mind and create a since of calmness within your home.

4. Create an area of Peace

From answering e-mails after hours to checking off a to-do list, your mind is constantly running. To create an area of peace, pick at least one place inside your home that you set aside for only non work related activities. Your brain needs a space where work isn't done so it knows to shut down and relax. 

5. Get Rid of Clutter

Easier said than done! Luckily, you have HYD to help you with this task. Getting rid of physical clutter also rids your mind of clutter. Taking time to put things away and clearing your space will help put your mind at ease and make your home feel more put together. 

6. Put away the Electronics

Scrolling through social media may ease your mind for a short time, but it is also known for making you feel more anxious and depressed. Give your eyes a rest by mediating, tending to your home and/or garden, going for a walk, or taking a bath. The list is endless if you'll only put your phone away, shut the TV off, and explore what's beyond your doorway.