Recently I've been really interested in learning about peoples routines. Specifically,  morning and nightly routines. I'm one of those weird hybrid gals who loves order but is somehow still free spirited. This usually means that I love the concept and idea of having rhythms in life but sometimes find it hard to commit to them.

I'm finding that leading an ordered life doesn't mean I have to be the most disciplined person on the planet but it does mean that I tend to be most at peace when I'm practicing a few choice routines. I know myself well enough to know that I'm more likely to stick with something if I make it as simple as possible. Lately, I've been inspired to adopt a few simple routines in my own life. Here they are:

Be Nice To My Skin: Witch-hazel to remove makeup and clean pores and Argan oil to moisturize. Every night, people. Every. Night. (I've been known to wake up in yesterdays makeup in the past)

Drink more water: I always forget, but two things have been helping me remember to stay hydrated. 1. I bought a pretty water bottle that I like taking with me places and that I like drinking out of.  2. I must say yes anytime anyone offers me water-- I never noticed how often I am offered water until I started following this rule. 

Monthly closet purge: This probably sounds crazy to most people but I go through my closet monthly and try to be reasonable about what needs to go. For me, the hardest things to let go of are the items that "I haven't worn in a year but would be perfect for that one random occasion with that one pair of pants that I also haven't worn in a year." I'm really trying to pare down and only keep things that I love wearing and that make me feel confident.

Weekly Bath: Don't worry, I shower in between :)  but I've recently rediscovered how flipping amazing a bath can be. Think candles, books, and floral scented soap.

Soaking in the Morning Quiet: This one is the hardest for me during the winter because the bed is just so warm. I have a comfy chair by a sunny window that is my morning spot. I'm attempting to make it routine to sit there for 30 minutes each morning with a cup of tea to read, think, be still, pray, or journal.

Sweat a little:  Pilates classes at 9:00am Tuesdays and Thursdays at the East Knoxville YMCA are my favorite. Anne is a great teacher and I feel more motivated in a class than by myself.  I'm starting realistically and trying to make 2 days a week at the gym a routine.

I'm super curious... Do you like routines? What are some of yours?