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Get the Look - Holiday Table Setting

Whether you are planning an epic Friendsgiving, or hosting your annual family Thanksgiving dinner, your table is about to take center stage and we are here to help you celebrate. Your table can create mood, reflect your personality, and provide a festive gathering space for loved ones. We have highlighted a few styles we love as well as offered some simple tips on how to achieve these looks on your own this holiday season.

RUSTIC: The design emphasizes rugged and natural beauty. It embraces nature-inspired textures and simple earthy colors. The ultimate goal is to create a feeling of unpretentious and organic warmth.

Photo via: Deer Pearl Flowers

Photo via: Deer Pearl Flowers

  • Take a few steps outside and search for natural elements you can incorporate.
  • Keep the color palette simple by using soft neutrals, browns, & greens.
  • Mason jars are always a winning element with this look.
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CONTEMPORARY: This design features neutral elements alongside bold color. The look should focus on the basics of lines, shape and form.

Photo via: Lauren Conrad Blog

Photo via: Lauren Conrad Blog

  • Use natural materials such as marble plates or wooden chargers to create an effortless contemporary look.
  • Brass is making a come-back. Stand out with a soft palette and bold silverware.
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1. / 2. / 3. / 4. / 5. / 6. / 7.

TRANSITIONAL: This design envisions new takes on old classics. Mixing and matching your old items with your newer style is key.

Photo via: The Perfect Palette 

Photo via: The Perfect Palette 

  • Bring out your traditional silverware and mix it in with your updated tableware.
  • Spray paint some small pumpkins, pine cones, or berries to create a fun new twist.
  • As shown above, mix and match gold and silver to really make your table pop.
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1. / 2. / 3. / 4. / 5. / 6. / 7.

Let your table be a refection of you and your family. 
Keep it simple.
Use what you have.
Add personal touches.
Mix & match.
Add greenery, plants & flowers.
Create height with stunning center pieces.
And most of all, create a space where you and your guests feel welcome to gather.

Holiday Shopping. Ready. Set. GO!!

Yep.  It's time.  Get it done now & November & December become much more enjoyable, allowing you to enjoy the Peace, Joy & Love of this special time of year.

Now's the time you can think, be intentional about each gift & budget. 


As a mom of three, my list always starts with my kids.  Several years ago, Matt & I were given the great advice to just do three gifts per kid (just as Jesus received three from the Wise Men).  This has been monumental for us in our giving to them & helpful for their receiving as well.  Our goal is that each of their gifts fit into the three categories:  Active/Sport-related, Educational/Creativity, & Something they love.  It has helped us be much more intentional & creative ourselves.  As you can imagine, it's also curved that last minute spending frenzy so many parents fall subject to in those last days before the big day.


Moving down the list to Matt, parents, in-laws, & friends the same mentality works.  Taking just a few extra moments to think of that one person & thinking outside the scarf, slippers, candle box can add much joy to your giving.  If handmade is your desire, you still have time for that if you start now. Etsy is a great place to find handmade items if you're not able to handcraft gifts yourself.  If creating photo memories with books or calendars is your plan, start now & you'll have plenty of time.  Two great sites for that are Shutterfly and Mixbook.

Organizing my list has become much easier over the years after I found this super simple little notebook to keep my current list, receipts, & lists from previous years in.  It was designed by Pepperpot & has served me well for about 5 years now.  Your smartphone is also another option, but I love having the previous lists & receipts all in one place.


And if you're a local here in Knoxville, Help You Dwell is making it even easier to Holiday shop by offering a Pop-Up Market on Nov. 8 with all kinds of delightful items for lots of folks on your list.


We'd love to hear some of your unique & fun ideas for taking the stress out of holiday shopping.  Give us a quick comment below & help us enjoy the upcoming season just a bit more with your clever ideas.  Thanks friends!