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"Be kind to your future self" by Sarah Pattison

We’re excited to share a guest post from our friend, Sarah of The Happy Envelope. She & her husband, Ty, have been creating beautiful paper products here in Knoxville for over a decade. Read & enjoy her words…

“The only difference between a mob and a trained army is organization.” –Calvin Coolidge

A friend once said told me about her mantra to make choices that would be “kind to her future self.” When taking off your jacket, for example, you can hang the jacket on the hanger in the closet, or on the hook by the door. You can also just throw that jacket over the arm of the chair as you walk into your home, or set it down across the kitchen table. You can wear it up to your bedroom and crumple it onto the chair there, or hang it up in your bedroom closet. Which decision is kind to your future self? Placing your jacket where you know to look for it when you need it next: that’s kind to your future self. It may take five seconds more energy now—from your present self—but it will potentially save many minutes of wandering around the house asking aloud, “Has anyone seen my jacket?” as everyone in your family is becomes more and more annoyed with how late we’ll all be because Mom can’t find her daggum jacket. (Perhaps this scenario has happened before… with jacket, keys, sunglasses, regular glasses, a purse, diaper bag? Maybe it’s just an example: you decide.)

Creative people are often stereotyped as disorganized, harried, and discombobulated. I wish that I could defy the stereotype, but unfortunately, I elevate it. I don’t like to be surrounded by chaos, and I actually love when everything is clean and peaceful and beautiful. I’m visual and I care about aesthetics. I’m just not kind to my future self, and things can get out of control quickly. And within just a day or so, even putting the clothes away is no longer a one-basket job, but now a three-basket job and I begin to feel overwhelmed. 

At home, I can get away with this. It’s not like we live in a pigsty; it’s just not as organized and tidy as I’d like, and it’s my own fault. But translate this character flaw to work and it’s an entirely different matter. Clients depend on me. Organization of proofs, time-frames, delivery dates, checklists… these things are crucial to timely deliveries and happy customers. Organization is actually critical for business success.

This past year at the studio, we’ve implemented a few wonderful tools that help us all stay more organized and on-track together as a team. We’re working on a Training Manual. We’ve started using Adobe Sign for all proof approval contracts. We’re trying to clean up our Dropbox. But my favorite is Basecamp, a project management online software. While each project used to feel like herding cats, now the entire project scope from start to finished is filled with checklists, due dates, people held accountable, job tracking, and even file organization. It really has been a game-changer for our entire staff. So, I’m growing. Baby steps. 

We’re getting ready to move our studio again, sort of quickly.  As I look around my desk area and bookshelves, I’m already starting to feel the dread. The temptation for me is always going to take the easy, kind-to-present-self way: literally throw everything into one big box, label it, “Sarah’s desk” and tape it up. Out of sight, out of mind! But how will my future self feel later this summer when she’s trying to get her new studio set up and she’s opening up disorganized piles of junk thrown into boxes any old way? I’ll tell you: Future Sarah is gonna be overwhelmed and stressed and she’s gonna cry a lot. I don’t want that for her. 

Instead, I’m planning to actually make decisions as I go: do I really need this book of paper samples from 2004?  No? Then it doesn’t come with me.  Hopefully, when all of our construction and build-out is finished later this summer, Future Sarah will open up a few clearly labeled, simply organized boxes and get her desk set up with a smile on her face. 




PS- We’re moving to 5605 Kingston Pike right around the corner in Bearden. We’ll be nestled in between Grow Salon and Firestone Tires. Please come pop in to our much bigger space once it’s finished later this summer… you can watch the presses in action through windows, just like the taffy-makers in Gatlinburg! In the meantime, find us online and at the Market Square Saturday Farmer’s marketsTalahi Plant Sale (this Saturday at Lakeshore!), and Retropolitan Craft Fair.

Meet our friends, The Roggeman Group

This week we are so excited to introduce you to a local business that shares our same value of excellent service and compassion for clients. Here's a little Q+A we did with Robin from the Roggeman Group

Husband and wife team: Brent and Robin Roggeman

Husband and wife team: Brent and Robin Roggeman

Q.  Who makes up the "Roggeman Group"? 
A.  We are Brent and Robin Roggeman- a husband and wife team with an affinity for people and Knoxville. Brent, is a Powell native, Realtor, and real estate appraiser, who offers over 14 years of experience in the Knoxville  and surrounding markets. I am a Realtor and Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) I have a strong background and understanding of  the senior and aging population, along with a foundation in marketing. I was previously a nurse with a focus on geriatrics and then transitioned into marketing where I spent the majority of my time in senior living communities. Brent brings much of the traditional real estate knowledge and experience, while I bring the senior focus. We live with our 2 labs and teenage daughter in North Knoxville.

Q.  What sets you apart from other realtors?
A.  We view real estate as an experience, not a transaction. We offer our clients a unique perspective. The combination of both of our backgrounds allows us to view the market in a multidimensional way. Aside from the Realtor perspective, Brent sees things with an appraiser’s eye and from that of a native Knoxvillian. I relate much back to my experience with the senior population and the transitions that come with aging. Whether downsizing, moving in with a family member, or joining a senior community, I understand the challenges that are involved. Along with sensitivity, knowledge and experience- we provide our clients with a network of trusted resources to help simplify the process every step of the way. This includes everything from movers, to organizers such as HYD, to contractors and lenders. We found that it takes a lot of the guess work out of things and allows for  peace of mind and a smooth experience- especially for those folks that are from out of town or who already have a lot on their plate. Real estate is a big deal and a big decision. We have been there and want buying or selling a home to be the easy part. From the nervous excitement of first time home buyers to the upsizing of the growing family, to investment, commercial, senior transitions and everything in between, we are committed to making it a great experience. 

National Association of Realtors Official designation and Seniors Real Estate Specialist® (SRES®) designation. 

National Association of Realtors Official designation and Seniors Real Estate Specialist® (SRES®) designation. 

Follow  @roggemangroup  on Instagram. 

Follow @roggemangroup on Instagram. 

Q.  Who are your ideal clients?
A.  We serve all of the community and try to connect with  buyers, sellers, and family members in all stages of real estate. Because of my SRES training and background, I gravitate to the senior community, while Brent serves our more traditional clients. I have a genuine love for the older population and realize that it requires a specific type of conversation, process, and level of support. I have seen the worried daughter, responsible for selling her mom’s house but lives hours away with a full time job and a family of her own, who doesn’t even know how to begin the process. I have seen the couple who celebrates their 50th anniversary in the home they bought when they first got married but recognize that it’s a lot to maintain and it is time to downsize. We also have celebrated the joy of first time home ownership with the newly engaged couple who are excited about beginning to build their lives together. It all comes back to creating an experience and serving as a resource. 

Q.  What do you love about Knoxville? 
A.  The small town feel of a big city. Everything is accessible here. There is a great culture and sense of community that is palpable. We love biking downtown, boating, exploring local restaurants, seeking out live music. There is always something fun and unique to do for families and adults alike. We love the support Knoxville offers to small and local businesses, the arts, and visitors. It is a welcoming place to live and be and we are constantly growing!

Q.  What is your favorite part of your job?
A. Meeting new people and becoming part of their experience. We are so fortunate that we are able to live and work in a place that we love and have the opportunity to introduce it to new people. We especially enjoy helping folks make their visions and dreams a reality while also helping to make the process easier when circumstances are difficult or emotional. 

Like their page on  Facebook  to keep up with them! 

Like their page on Facebook to keep up with them! 

Q. What is something you wish everyone knew about the population you serve?
A.  Each segment of the population that we serve has its unique characteristics. The approach we take with first time home buyers is very different than the approach we take with investors. The conversations and methods of communication differ, as well. For example because my passion lies with our senior population, I recognize that it may have been sometime since their last real estate transaction or maybe they would prefer more face to face communication rather than emails or phone calls. I also find that family members who are handling estates, often shoulder a lot of the work. There can be a lot of emotion involved and I want to do all that I can to help lighten that load for them and their loved one. The take away is that we treat each segment with the same great service and attention, but we tailor it specifically to their needs and expectations.

Q. What is a little known fact about you guys?
A.  Brent and I are very different. Our personalities are almost completely opposite as he is the quiet observer and I’m the social butterfly. He is the analyzer and I am the implementer. It truly serves as a counter balance and equalizer for us both and allows complimentary viewpoints in every situation. It works very well for us personally and professionally. It also means that we laugh a lot and have a really great time together. We take a lot of pride in being partners in every sense of the word. On a personal note it means that I love 90’s music and he loves country. 

We so enjoyed getting to know Robin and hear about her compassionate heart for her clients. We can't wait to partner together in the future to serve Knoxville with excellence. 

How to get in touch with The Roggeman Group:
Call - 865-315-7477
Email - rroggeman@kw.com