Garden Shed organizing round up

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Spring is right around the corner and we've gathered some tips from around the web to help you purge, organize, and restock your garden shed. Sometimes it's hard to find the motivation to get a jump start on your yard and garden plots but having an inspiring potting shed definitely makes it easier. If you don't have a shed, think about possibly creating a gardening/lawn maintenance corner in your garage.



1. There is nothing worse than rusted, dull gardening tools. To keep tools sharp and shiny, try storing them in a sand filled bucket or clay pot and mix in a little bit of oil. Your tools will be well kept and easy to grab on the go.



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2. Be resourceful. Think outside of the box and repurpose items you already have. Use a chick feed as a shelf, use an old shutter as a shelf, mount old rusted tools to the wall to hang things from. Once you start thinking creatively you'll find you have all kinds of things you could probably put to good use.



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3. To help keep track of when to plant what, try displaying your seeds by month. We love this idea of using ribbons and clothes pins. Seed packets are so pretty it's like displaying informal art.



Image and tutorial from  Turtles and Tails

Image and tutorial from Turtles and Tails




4. If you have limited space and you're sharing real estate in a garage, use this handy pull down table to create space for potting plants when you need it.

Image and tutorial by  Instructables

Image and tutorial by Instructables


5. Need seating and storage as well? This step-by-step tutorial walks you through how to create these tasteful and useful benches when storage is limited.



HYD hopes these ideas give you reason to get outside, get a little dirt under your nails, and enjoy the spring that's on it's way!

October Organizing Look Book


We spent some time hunting down a few of our favorite Fall/Winter organizing tools to help you enjoy this season. Whether you're taking on the garage or just need some order at the front door, this list has what you need to get started.

Order at the Door

Fall weather means tracking in more of the outdoors. Drop your shoes or boots onto one of these snazzy trays to cut back on the cleaning.

Cooler weather means more layers. Need a quick place to stash extra jackets this season? Add a seasonal coat rack near your entrance for easy access & quicker tidying up. So many looks out there, we had to give you a few choices for the tall & pint-sized folk as well.


Getting the Garage in Gear

The pleasant temperatures make it a great time to tidy up the garage, garden shed, or attic space. Here a some storage ideas that can make those spaces work for you. We love these overhead storage shelves that give you more floor space plus the option of hanging bicycles is fantastic.

This next storage option is genius. Yard tools can often be a bugger to store well. Unused filing cabinets can be a pain to get rid of. Solve both problems by losing the filing cabinet drawers, lying it on it's side, add a splash of cute paint, & viola! you've got yourself some sturdy storage! Click the link below to find out details on this very doable DIY project.

Organize your flower pots, smaller garden tools, & watering can onto a potting bench. Just a little investment can go a long way to bring order to your gardening space. The link will take you to lots of styles available on

As always, we LOVE to hear from you! Have any tips or ideas to share? Let us know in the comment box.

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