The Best Boxes for your Next Move


It's a busy time of year for moving and Knoxville's housing market is fast and furious these days with lots of folks relocating within and moving to our fabulous city.  HYD has had the privilege of assisting lots of folks with their move, be it the pre-pack purge, packing, coordinating the day of the move, or setting up clients in their new homes. In our experience, the one challenge that is consistent throughout this process is figuring out the most protected, cost efficient, and environmentally conscience way to contain all our client's belongings.

Just recently, we had the great pleasure of meeting the owner of a new company here in Knoxville that may help us answer that very question...


Meet Frank Ramey, owner, operator, and "Chief Officer of Customer Happiness" of RPM Boxes, a plastic moving box rental company located in the heart of Knoxville.

Frank has an extensive background in logistics which has set him up perfectly for running this new business here in Knoxville. As packers (and unpackers), HYD really appreciated all he had to say about his research to find the best-sized boxes for fitting the most commonly packed items and how easy he's made it for people to get those boxes delivered to and picked up from their doorstep!


RPM Boxes' user friendly website will answer your questions and help clarify the facts about saving money and time renting plastic boxes instead of purchasing cardboard boxes and tape. Also, as organizers we love how well these pack then stack, allowing for movers to easily access them, load them on dollies, and get them to the truck, cutting down on the time and cost of moving items. Lastly, we can all appreciate the small environmental impact involved by choosing reusable boxes.


10 % OFF!Code_ HYD10.png

We're also excited to share that anytime you use the code HYD10, you will receive 10% off your rental fee! AND... for a limited time only, RPM Boxes is offering 50% off any rentals so if you book for an upcoming move now, you'll get a GREAT deal!!

Call (865) 269-6797 to secure your boxes today!

Is your storage unit the best investment?

We get it. Sometimes life comes at you in ways you never imagined and you find yourself needing to make a quick move either to a smaller place or for a short period of time. Storage units can be the best route if you don't have a family member or friend to let you store your extra stuff while your in transition. BUT......

this blog is for all of you that don't fit into that category. : )

Today, storage units can range anywhere from $40/mo up to $400/mo depending on how big and how nice a unit is. At first, this can be easily added into the budget for some folks. Others, it's a bit of a stretch. Oftentimes, it all makes sense to store that piece (you really don't like) from your grandma or the dining room table and 6 chairs that you used at your first house but don't need now or the really nice bed frame you hope to use someday but haven't yet because it never seems to match the style of your current home. But then you do the math. Say you've had the unit 4 years now. And say you're just paying the average price of a unit in Knoxville, TN which is about $90/mo. That is $4320. Yes, Four-Thousand Three-Hundred and Twenty dollars.  Woah.

Like we said earlier, you may have very good reason to need that extra space for a transition period. We get it. But, if the "transition period" has lasted so long that you don't really remember what's in the unit, it might be time to reconsider that extra monthly expense. 

HYD would love to help. As you've heard us say before, taking someone along when you're ready to find new homes for items you no longer need is definitely the way to go. If you've got a friend ready and willing, grab 'em and go for it! If not, HYD would be honored to be that helping hand as you decide the best way to find the right spot for all those items in your storage unit. Who knows? Some of it might be just what you need in your current space but you'd just forgotten you had it! We can help with that too!

Don't let another month go by spending money that could be much better spent on family, friends, travel, and life that you can enjoy! Make a valuable investment of a bit of your time and a small investment in HYD services and enjoy the freedom from the monthly storage expense as well as the peace of mind that comes with letting go of items you don't need and others do.

Packing up the memories


There often comes a time in all our lives or our loved one's lives when we have to say goodbye to the place we've called home.

This is never an easy transition for multiple reasons. In this particular case, the homeowner needed assistance with everyday life and wasn't able to live on her own any longer. Not being able to take much with her, her daughter and son-in-law have been left with the task of clearing out the remaining items from her former home. However, they have busy lives of their own both working and raising two active school age children. After almost 6 months of the condo sitting untouched, waiting to be gone through, HYD got the call to help.

This situation is all too familiar to so many folks. A parent's home filled with memories, trinkets, collections, photographs, furniture (both valuable and not), attics, that are so overwhelming to go through. In this case, we've been able to go through every cabinet, dresser drawer, bookshelf, box, closet, trunk, and room to categorize, label, box up, and create order so that when the daughter and son-in-law come, they can easily decide what to keep, what to sell, and what to donate. 

HYD feels honored to be trusted with such an important job which is why we take such care with each object we touch, paper we read, photo we categorize, and memory we help to preserve. It all stays confidential and our clients can feel safe knowing that we will find the right home(s) for any items they choose not to hold on to.

This particular homeowner is a very talented artist. We thought you'd enjoy just a few treasures we found as we organized her belongings. The first is her "Ideal Wardrobe" handmade book from the late 1940s. The latter photos are just a couple of the many wonderful sketches and prints we found. Enjoy...

Thanks so much for coming along with HYD as we journey through our clients' stories and memories. It is a job we cherish and look forward to each day. If you have any questions or interest in learning how we might help you or a loved one with transitioning into a new home, please don't ever hesitate to call or email us at 865.245.9080 or info@helpyoudwell.com.

We've also updated our website in a few places to describe in more detail how and what HYD can assist with especially related to estate transitions and organized moving and unpacking.

And as always, feel free to drop by The Hive to visit us anytime we're in!