collections we love.


an assembly of items such as works of art, pieces of writing, or natural objects, especially one systematically ordered. 

Would you consider yourself a collector? You very well may be. 

Collections can be inherited, gathered over the years, bought when traveling, found all at once, created by your own hands, or slowly grow one piece at a time. They can be practical, sentimental, humorous, or all of the above.

We are so lucky to spend time with our clients, getting to know them and their stories. In their homes, we often discover beautiful pieces of history, family memorabilia, and one of a kind pieces of art. To collect is truly artistic. It requires selection, preference, taste and intentionality. 

Collections may be displayed in your home and they may be private. Your reasons for collecting are personal as well. You might collect to display your personality in your home to all who enter, and you may collect to build a compilation of meaningful pieces that will be passed on to a family member or dear friend. We wanted to share some of the most remarkable collections we've come across in the homes of our amazing clients. 

We'd love to see some of your favorite collections. Snap a photo of your collections and tag us on instagram or facebook. Thanks for sharing your treasured collections with the #HYD team! 

*Blog image source: Town And Country Magazine

recently in the field.

This week we wanted to give you a little glimpse into a job we recently completed (and loved)!

We had the privilege of helping an elderly client move from an apartment on the second floor down to the first floor in an assisted living complex. What seemed like a pretty simple "move" became much more meaningful for our team as we got started. 

Our client gave us permission to give her a fresh look in her space. From the furniture set up to art placement, we loved every minute! 

As we began gathering her artwork and memorabilia from international travels, we got very excited. It was such a fun experience to revel at her artwork and hand crafted books as we found special places in her apartment for them. We could see her light up as we got to enjoy the art she had created and collected throughout her life. Each piece had a story that she was eager to tell. Decorating her living space became more like an intimate art exhibit tour with the artist herself. 

We were reminded of the importance of surrounding yourself with things that bring you joy. For you that may mean memories, collections, or pieces of art. 

You're Invited to The Hive Flea *TOMORROW!

If you are on the hunt for interesting home goods, vintage clothing, antiques, or items from all over the world, you are in luck. This Friday and Saturday we are co-hosting "The Hive Flea". From 10am-6pm both days, we will be open for business. We will have a wide range of styles for really great prices. Come check it out, bring a friend, and come prepared to shop. We will accept cash and credit card. We have packed the place out--you won't want to miss this.

Original Street Scape sketches

Original Street Scape sketches

Apothecary sets and basket

Apothecary sets and basket

Vintage bottles, teak container, vintage tambourine, and bottle print

Vintage bottles, teak container, vintage tambourine, and bottle print

Antique cupboard

Antique cupboard

We will see you there!