bathroom refresh

Often time's we overlook one of the most used rooms in the home when it comes to organization and decor. You spend your morning and nightly routines in here, getting ready, pampering yourself, or hustling around to get your children ready for bed. We're talking about the bathroom! Today, we are sharing tips to creating a bathroom where you will feel refreshed, relaxed, and where everything has a place!

Organizing Tips:

  • Create a one basket go-to with the items you use daily
  • Use mason jars/clear canisters to store cotton balls, q-tips, and other items. This is a great way to display toiletries- making them easy to see when supply is low + decorative
  • Don't be afraid to display your towels.  Neatly roll or fold them on a shelf and leave them easily accessible and ready for use!
  • If you don't have shelf space, add a ladder to display towels or hang a small plant.
  • If you have a busy bathroom, create a family schedule, add an additional mirror, and/or assign each member a basket or drawer in the bathroom to store their personal items
Photo By:  Urban Oreganics

Photo By: Urban Oreganics

Photo By: Bre Purposed

Photo By: Bre Purposed

Photo By:  The Happy Tudor

Photo By: The Happy Tudor

Organizing Sources & Bath Accessories:

  1. Woven Basket
  2. Wire Basket
  3. Clear Canisters
  4. Ladder with Shelving
  5. Small Storage Cabinet
  6. Glass Shelving
  7. Organizing Tray
  8. Make-up Organizer
  9. Apothecary
  10. Natural Cleaning Supplies

Start by purging expired and unneeded items. Next, designate a home for each item you'd like to keep. Once you have analyzed the items you would like to display, add in decorative pieces to achieve the overall look and feel you want in your bathroom. Don't be afraid to add a plant or other decor piece that you may not ordinarily think to display in a bathroom. Think outside the box and make it a space that leaves you feeling like you have your own personal spa.