Mother's Day Gift Guide Love

Mother's Day is Sunday, May 8 this year. For those of us lucky enough to get to celebrate our moms, HYD wanted to make your search for just the right thing a little bit easier. As a mom myself, I've learned a lot about what it takes to do it well and how easy it is to do it terribly. It's an around-the-clock job that I wouldn't trade for the world. Lord knows I do it terribly plenty of the time, but those times I get it a little bit right are some of the most satisfying moments of my life. 

I also get to be one of the lucky ones who has a mama close by, who's full of life, and more than willing to offer a helping hand anytime she's able. If you have that kind of mom, you know there is no gift we can give that will ever say "Thank you" the way our moms deserve it. But the older my kids get, the more I cherish the unsolicited hug, the homemade card, and when they're able, a thoughtful gift that they know will make my days a little easier or a little more fun. 

With gifts in mind, HYD spent a bit of time finding just the right way to show her how much you appreciate her, think of her, and want your mama to feel remembered. Some moms just need the phone call or a card in the mail. But if you're wanting to do a step further this year, take a peak at our list below and please add any more unique ideas you may have in the comment section below....

Ok, so we had to start with this one because it reeeeeally is a great gift for any mama! Think of the joy she would experience if she knew that every month for a year, she'd have at least 2 hours of organizing help anywhere in her house, office, garage, or attic?? Details here.

2. Take Mom on a Date

Carving out time, having her served a meal, and listening to what's going on in her world may be the greatest gift she could receive. If you're in Knoxville, some restaurant/bakery ideas are OliBea, The Plaid Apron, Nama, Babalu Tacos & Tapas, Wild Love Bakehouse,  The French Market Creperie, Savelli's Italian, or The Holy Land.

Locally made here in Knoxville, these individually crafted, hand-finished in silver or gold prints of a mother's children's prints are such a treasure for her to have a lifetime. I have them for each of my children and LOVE them! Check out Precious Metal Prints for more details.

Mom's are always on call and often times, her phone is the place where the calendar is, the notes about the PTA mtg are, and her grocery list that needs to be added to when she thinks of that odd thing she always forgets. This cute little number gives her a place to rest her phone at night under the shade of her favorite flower.

Let her fill these pages with your family's favorites to be passed down, added to, and treasured for years to come. This great little book has room for up to 80 recipes, photo galleries, tips for beginner cooks, and conversion tables.

6. Plant a Shrub or Tree in Mom's Honor

Think of her favorite color or season and decide what would bring her joy each time the plant of your choice blooms. For the Knoxville dwellers, HYD recommends Stanley's Greenhouse for a fantastic selection and knowledgable staff to help you choose just the right one.

7. A Bouquet from The Katelier

So lovely, so unique, and just the thing to let her know you remembered. And she's local!
Contact: Katie or call 901.870.2531


An Organized Car: The basics

Let's be real...most of us do not have a car that looks immaculate all the time. While I wish mine did, on a very practical level.. I just really will never be vacuuming my car weekly or have a file folder with color coordinated tabs for each car service I ever receive. I've read blogs with crazy long check lists and others with some really helpful tips but here we want to give you the basics.

I'm learning with you so in the spirit of transparency, here are some pictures of my car in it's typical state.


I recently moved from a two door to a four door car and I'm LOVING it! However, I've found that it's easy to just keep piling things in because I have more room now.

I've come up with a plan to keep my car more organized and I'm excited to share a few tips with you.

1. The center console is your friend! Having never had a center console before, I'm super pumped about making good use of it. The lower compartment is ideal for chargers, wet ones, and umbrellas. The upper compartment is the perfect place to keep a few pens, spare change and business cards. Living in a downtown neighborhood, I park on meters frequently and the change slots are super handy so I don't have to fish through my purse to find quarters. Am I the only person that actually uses this feature? Maybe, but I love it!


2. Door pockets and seat pockets: I try to keep these empty other than an umbrella. I never think to check seat pockets so anything that goes in will probably never come out.

3. The trunk is tricky-- it's out of sight which is good, but can also turn into a dark pit. My goal is to only keep car trouble necessities (ex. jumper cables, tire pump) a yoga mat, and a picnic blanket in it. A crate or basket works well to contain those items so they aren't rolling around when you drive. One other idea I had was to keep another box in the trunk to collect items I don't need that are thrift store bound. If I can get the items into my car, I'm way more likely to drop them off in passing instead of letting them sit in the corner of my kitchen for months.

4. Rule of Thumb: I've been trying to create the habit of taking everything in to the house at the end of the day rather than telling myself I'll do it later. So far it's been working fairly well. My trending exception is when it's raining. I don't have a garage so it's not practical to lug things through the rain rather than taking them inside the next day.

Practical things to keep in the car:

  • Umbrella
  • Bobby pins and hair ties
  • hand sanitizer
  • chap stick
  • wet ones
  • miniture accordian file for coupons
  • reusable shopping bags

Check out The Container Store if you are looking for containers specifically for cars and travel. Their foldable boxes look pretty handy!