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Our daily tasks are just as important to order and simplify as the physical objects in our homes and workspaces. While we are still huge fans of printed calendars and lists, it seems that we are quicker to turn to our smartphones to make lists or calendar appointments as we go throughout the day. What does this mean? 

We are all busy people- whether you are juggling kids, freelance work, creative ideas, or diverse clients, we can sometimes get lost in our devices, calendars and apps that are supposed to help us live simply. 

I've tried a few different methods of list making and a few apps created specifically for task organization. By far, the one I would jump to recommend to my mom, my roommates and my coworkers is Todoist

Why it might be a good tool for you:

  • It allows you to streamline all of your lists into one location. When you add an item on your phone, (as long as you have internet) it will sync to your computer or tablet. This eliminates redundant list making and saves you time from transferring things from one device to the other. 
  • You can actually attach a "priority" to the item you are adding to your to do list. This creates an order of importance among your list, helping you remember what the most important and potentially urgent items are. 
  • The feature of "assigning a task to someone" is extremely helpful for a team working towards a common goal. It streamlines the communication process, allowing the app to serve as the mouthpiece and explanation of a task as well as a calendar with a due date. It could increase your productivity as a group or team as it cuts out the email or phone call in between. 
  • Using the Todoist list for your tasks and daily duties, will create simplicity and space in your calendar. Instead of plugging everything you need to do in a day, into your phone calendar, causing it to look overwhelming and full to the brim- put your tasks in the Todoist list and enjoy the satisfaction of checking tasks off one by one. 
  • The list stays up to date. It will show you the current day, or the upcoming 7 days. This serves as a form of auto clean up and fresh start for each day. If items don't get completed "today", you can simply click and add it to tomorrows list. 
  • Todoist offers integration with over 50 other softwares and programs that will increase your ability to share and upload images or documents from other locations on your phone or computer. 
Follow @todoistofficial on Instagram. 

Follow @todoistofficial on Instagram. 

Follow  @todoistofficial  on Instagram. 

Follow @todoistofficial on Instagram. 

Check out why Hannah loves Todoist on a professional and personal level. 

Recently, I've been using my Todoist app like crazy in order to stay organized and up to date on tasks leading up to our Fall Flea @ The Hive. Is this event on your calendar? We'd love to see you there! Add it to your calendar today- Friday, November 4 from 8 am to 2 pm and Saturday, November 5 from 8 am to 2 pm. #HYDFallFlea 



The difference between New Years Resolutions and Life Changes

Drawing by  RabbitWifePen&Ink

Do you make resolutions each year? If you are like me, I usually make a few but rarely keep them. What's interesting is that I often find myself making the same resolutions that I tried to keep the year before. Change takes time, especially big changes. Here are a few tips on how to make changes for life rather than new years resolutions.

1. Involve your people. Whether your tell your friends, family, or co workers, make sure that your community knows what you are working on. Feeling a sense of accountability often helps keep you on track.

2. Be realistic. Think about what your current "normal" is and take that into account. Don't set your self up to fail. For example: I have a goal of walking 10,000 steps daily but in general my daily average is more like 4,000. My life goal will be to be active for 1 hour (aka 10,000 steps) 3 times a week. Once I get to a place where that is my normal, then I can adjust to make it more of a challenge and say maybe 5 days a week until I work up to 10,000 steps daily. Focus on small steps to create a change of lifestyle over time that's sustainable.

3. Figure out your motives. If I have a goal of losing weight or of eating differently, it's important that I understand why I have that goal. Do I believe that I will be more loved or admired if I attain this? Am I doing this because I feel pressured by someone else or by a physical problem? Am I searching for happiness or fulfillment? I've found that my motives usually make or break a change.

4. Come up with reminders for the life changes that are hard to remember on a daily basis. One of mine is to drink at least 64oz of water every day. I am doing a few things as reminders or as motivation. I bought a water bottle that has measurements on the outside, I track my intake through an app on my phone, and I must always accept when someone offers me water. These little things help me stay on track.

Purchase  here

Purchase here

5. Schedule a monthly check in with yourself. Make a list of your daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly commitments and re evaluate whether or not you are able to fully commit in a way that is meaningful. If not, start eliminating. When your schedule is maxed out you are less likely to be able to add new changes into your routine.

image by allaboutami

image by allaboutami

6. Make a plan for how you will accomplish your life goals. For example, if I want to begin the habit of storing my clothes in my closet or dresser rather than all over my bedroom floor/furniture, then I first have to purge my closet and storage space until all of my clothing fits into the designated area in a manageable and comfortable way. Once I have a spot for my clothes I'm much more likely to hang them back up or fold them to store in my dresser. Often times our bad habits make sense. If my closet is jam packed and has no room or order, then I'm likely to leave my clothes on a chair where I can easily find them BUT if my closet it organized, I'm much more likely to make use of it.

Did you make resolutions this year? How are they going? Any tips or ideas you would like to share?

Fall to do list guide

Do you ever get to the end of a season and realize that there were so many things you planned to do but never got to? Us too.
There are so many fall festivals, holidays, and events going on and we've made a to do list of sorts to help get the ball rolling for your harvest plans. We love the idea of having seasonal bucket lists as well; things that aren't necessarily all planned out but a list of ideas for the occasional Saturday when you find yourself with no plans.

We suggest carving out an hour with your calendar ASAP to get things on your schedule.

Festivals: Click on the links for more info


Photo by Sarah Musgrave

Photo by Sarah Musgrave

  • Host a bonfire
  • Take a hike in the Smokies (not sure when trail to choose? Check out the Top 10) If you are looking for a family friendly hike with young kids, "Andrew's Bald" is perfect.
  • Plan and purchase or make Halloween costumes for your kids (Need some ideas? Here are a few)
  • Seasonal decorating (Southern Living's Fall Decorating Ideas)
  • Tailgate with friends before a football game
  • Finalize Thanksgiving plans

What kinds of things are on your to do list for this Fall?