Decluttering: Start with the easy things

drawer before
drawer after

Often the task of decluttering is overwhelming. Here are a few practical ways to get started.

1. Start with the things that don't feel complicated. Look for the visible things that you don't feel attached to, the stacks of newspapers, the trinkets in the your bedside table, obvious trash, spare change, the things that are lying around the house that get left out or shoved in drawers because they don't have a designated place.

2. Go through each room looking for the items that you don't have to spend too much time thinking about. Throw away/recycle anything that is obviously trash. Toss anything you can easily part with (that isn't trash) into a laundry basket or a box to donate. The point is to scan you home for the things that you don't know why you haven't gotten rid of yet.

3. For the places that you can quickly purge, try containing like items in small trays or use drawer inserts/dividers to make things easier to locate.

Having trouble getting started? Here is a list of items that are easy to purge or make a permanent home for:

-spare change


-your least favorite coffee mugs

-relevant flyers or invitations

-mismatched or unused hangers

-papers to file

-old makeup

-bills to pay

-office supplies


-take out utensils

-all the freebee's (that you've never used) that came free with another purchase