envisioning your space

Organizing and decorating can be challenging. We've found that it's easy to feel weighed down and stuck in the "stuff" that hinders us from loving our dwelling places. Think about the pile of mail on the kitchen counter, the clothes stacked on a chair in your bedroom, the crafts spread on your kids floor, and the mixed up files in drawers of your office... you might already be ready to give up after just thinking about it! 

A fresh approach might be the change you need in perspective to conquer your challenging space. Thanks to Instagram and Pinterest, we've lost a lot of our ability to envision things on our own. We pin the image of an immaculate office and elegant bedroom that are way outside of our budget, and when we shut our computer we settle back into the reality of our lackluster spaces. 


enjoy these creations as you start to imagine your spaces with new eyes. 
Ashley Dawn Addair is the creative behind the visual beauty below. 

Close out of Pinterest, shut the computer, and open your creative mind. Here are some questions to think about as you re-think areas of your home. 

  1. Who will use this space most? 
  2. What key furniture does this space need?
  3. What colors create the mood you want to inspire?
  4. What textures deliver comfort, function and coziness? 
  5. How can you create natural/warm light in this space? 
  6. What memories do you want to make in this space?
  7. How do you hope your guests feel in this space?
  8. What current items in this space are you ready to purge/donate?
  9. Do you prefer exposed or hidden organization of the stuff essential to this space?

Each space and home and it's people are unique. Don't limit your space by the images you see online, dream up your ideal space and incorporate the specific items you already love and possess. 

Happy envisioning friends! If you'd like some help and direction in your space, we'd love to work with you. 

*bonus- we stumbled upon this beautiful blog this week and had to share... Simple as That. Here's a link to a post with a free printable calendar "Collect Moments-Not Things"! 

collections we love.


an assembly of items such as works of art, pieces of writing, or natural objects, especially one systematically ordered. 

Would you consider yourself a collector? You very well may be. 

Collections can be inherited, gathered over the years, bought when traveling, found all at once, created by your own hands, or slowly grow one piece at a time. They can be practical, sentimental, humorous, or all of the above.

We are so lucky to spend time with our clients, getting to know them and their stories. In their homes, we often discover beautiful pieces of history, family memorabilia, and one of a kind pieces of art. To collect is truly artistic. It requires selection, preference, taste and intentionality. 

Collections may be displayed in your home and they may be private. Your reasons for collecting are personal as well. You might collect to display your personality in your home to all who enter, and you may collect to build a compilation of meaningful pieces that will be passed on to a family member or dear friend. We wanted to share some of the most remarkable collections we've come across in the homes of our amazing clients. 

We'd love to see some of your favorite collections. Snap a photo of your collections and tag us on instagram or facebook. Thanks for sharing your treasured collections with the #HYD team! 

*Blog image source: Town And Country Magazine

10 Ways to Display Kids Artwork

As the air cools a bit and the colors of Autumn begin to come alive, our little budding artists will, no doubt, be inspired to capture it. Whether they're bringing their masterpieces home from school or creating them at home, as parents, we want to celebrate their creativity by displaying their hard work.

I have the privilege of coordinating this effort at my children's elementary school three times a year. Our school calls it Exhibit Night. So I confess, I'm a bit spoiled to have my child's school aiding in showcasing their work. But, at home, it's not quite as easy as grabbing a glue gun & adhering it to a very forgiving cinder block wall.

So, instead of just stashing all their art in a folder or adding it to "the pile," here are 10 creative & manageable ways to bring some color into your home, celebrate the seasons, & show off your kids' imagination through art.

1. Use tacks on a wall that's not front and central in your home.

So this first one's not rocket science, but it's what works in our house. Our laundry room is on the main level & has gray walls making art really pop. I (or my kids) just rotate their art 2-3 times a year in this room leaving tiny holes from the tacks. The way I look it, when the art stops coming home someday, I'll be ready to repaint the room anyway & until then, I get to be reminded of these little people I love so much while I'm trying to find that missing sock or checking their pockets before they hit the washer. 

2. Thrift frames with glass removed and cork board added.

I love this option for a more polished look that keeps it super easy to rotate art. Shannon Makes Stuff has great images for ideas. Let the kids have another art project by painting the frames themselves.

3. Have Simply Create Kids create a collage poster of your child's art.

This option is a bit more pricey, but well worth the money to have one piece that speaks for many. My kids would love how professional this art display would make their art look.

4. Create vertical art on a string.

The folks at Artful-Kids used a hanging wire to display art vertically allowing for easy rotation. Great option if you're short on wall space.

5. Use inexpensive IKEA frames in the color that work for your space.

We love how Amanda Medlin created this wall for her boys' room with multicolored frames, but all white or all black frames would be another great option to showcase your child's art.

6. Clothespins are great for art display.

Aimee of It' has a great DIY plan to create a fun clothespin line for your kids to be able to change their own art with ease. HYD helped a client design one similar to this last year & it was a huge hit with their four kids.

7. ArtKive it by photographing your child's art with your smartphone.

This is brilliant. ArtKive has designed an app that allows you to photograph the artwork, upload it, and then turn it into books, gifts, or keepsakes.

8. Mount clipboards to the wall.

HYD loves reclaimed wood projects. These from Old House to New Home are some of our favs. Of course, you could use lots of different styles of clipboards that work best for your space.

9. Professionally frame special holiday pieces.

David Alley 1983

David Alley 1983

My thoughtful mother decided to pick a couple of my brother's & my best Christmas creations. My brother's is a Santa with no arms, he's a beauty. I did a lovely manger scene that brings back memories but doesn't come close to the fine artistic ability of my brother. It's been over 30 years since we created them & every year, we reminisce & poke fun at each other when mom hangs them. I love them!

10. Keep it simple with a line of twine.

Nothing too fancy here. Just find a color of twine or string that works for your space & use clothespins, paper clips, or even colorful hair clips to hang the art. The image above is our favorite using the spools as the anchors to hang. I have a friend who uses the twine method above her kitchen sink with smaller art pieces & it's so cute. She uses her childs' art in lieu of a curtain valance.

Hope you find these ideas helpful.

Do you have an art wall that works in your house? We'd love to hear how you're showing off your kids' art.

 Thanks for reading & Happy October!