Helpful Resources

This week we wanted to give you a closer look at some of the most helpful local resources for all of your purging, organizing and styling needs. We have amped up our "Resources" portion of the website and wanted to share with you. Consider the links below as "tools" in your tool belt of organization. This page is actively updated as we learn about new services available in our stay tuned! These are just a few highlights from our full resources page.


  • Goodwill : There are plenty of locations all around Knoxville. An organization that helps fund job training programs for East TN is something we can gladly get behind. 
  • YWCA  : They serve a wide variety of individuals from middle school girls and boys to women of all ages. A current "wish list" can be found on their website. 
  • Angelic Ministries : Located in north Knoxville, they accept any furniture, clothing, or household items in good condition. Ongoing needs include twin mattresses, box springs and bed linens. 
  • Ladies of Charity : This is another north Knox donation spot that accepts items ranging from clothing to household items to furniture. If you're unable to physically move your furniture, they'll arrange to come and get it from your home. 


  • Knoxville Box and Container, Inc : We can't speak highly enough of this local company that is committed to delivering quality products with unmatched customer service. Give them a call with your box and container needs. 
  • Moretz Moving :  Are you or someone you love moving soon? These are the folks to call; trusted and dependable. They also offer a free estimate! 


  • Neighborhood Nerds : General computer help for your families technology issues. They help with phones, desktops and laptops. Their team is passionate about teaching you to use your technology well. 
  • HappyMac : Local company you can count on with all of your Apple products. HappyMac team members really know the ins and outs of your favorite and most used products- after all they have been servicing Knoxville since 1994.


  • Fleetwood Photo & Digital : Need your old family photos or home videos archived? They can do it. They turned old forgotten pages of recipes into a beautifully bound cookbook for one of our clients. 


Knoxville is fortunate to have local organizations that make great use of our outdated or excess treasures. And we are huge fans of the local companies that provide the service and supplies we need to carry out our organizing jobs for our clients. 

We hope that some of these resources will give you the direction you need to get going on your next project! 

Keys to a peaceful summer

A big hooray for students, teachers, volunteers and parents who worked hard this school year!

Kids have been counting down the days; eagerly awaiting pool play time, road trips, and freedom to roam the neighborhood day & night. While summertime is sweet it can also add some chaos to our homes and cars. Here are a few tips to keep peace in your home & car this summer while the fun summer activities ensue!

  1. Fill a small tote with the summer outdoor essentials and keep it in your garage or laundry room (easy access to grab and go). Fill it with these items: outdoor/picnic blanket, sunscreen, bug spray, band aids, frisbee, and the ever useful Eno hammock. 
  2. Designate a section of the pantry and refrigerator for kids snacks and drinks. Make sure to pick an easily accessible shelf for your kiddos. These snacks and drinks will take up more room in the summer than they do during the school year, so it saves everyone from clutter and hunting for the right snack to designate a specific shelf. 
  3. Plan some free family fun - check out these local hikes from Outdoor Knoxville. Be sure to check the weather forecast, grab some snacks & hit the trail together. This is a great alternative to more expensive indoor activities. You could even incentivize the hike by allowing your kids to invite a friend if they consistently keep up with their chores around the house for a week straight! 
  4. Check out the Children's Festival of Reading hosted by the Knox County Public Library. This Saturday, May 21 is the free kick off event at 10:00 AM! The library is a great resource to continue education and reading throughout the summer, especially on those rainy days.

Happy summer to you! 

Organizing Kids Rooms

Playrooms and kids' rooms are often some of the hardest spaces to organize. Finding a good balance of knowing when the toys are taking over but also keeping a wide range of options to foster creativity and fun is a challenge. Organizing for kids is a hard task. While respecting what an individual child enjoys playing with, there are ways to purge without ending up with lots of tears over toys that are missed.

1. Talk with your kids about what happens to toys that they let go of. Help them see the story that they play a part in when they donate toys to children that may not have toys to play with like they do. If you have a child that gets excited to participate in the process of purging, let them be a part of the process. Ask them which toys they would like to share with a less fortunate child.

2. If your child isn't as willing to let go of things, take a few weeks to intentionally notice what toys they spend the most time playing with and which toys are neglected, or maybe they have grown out of. For children less willing to purge when the toys are taking over, try boxing up all of the toys that you believe they are done with. Keep the box in a hidden location for two weeks and if they haven't noticed or don't seem to mind that the toy is gone, give it away. Concentrate on helping your children value relationships more than things.

3. Specific toys to keep: Try to keep toys that help foster creativity, furthering education, and thinking skills. Art and Craft supplies, dress up clothes, building blocks, games, etc.



4. If your kids share a room, help them make their own space feel special. Sometimes kids need their own space and sometimes they need to learn how to share space well. Whether your kids share a room or have their own, making an effort to hang their favorite poster, frame their best art creation(s), create a reading nook, or frame a photo of your child with their best friend can make them feel proud of their own space and, hopefully, lead to taking more responsibility of keeping it in order.

Photo: James Henry /

Photo: James Henry /

5. Kids clothes.
It's amazing how quickly kids grow out of their clothing. This is an ongoing process. Each season, go through each closet and toss or donate items that are worn out or no longer fit. If you have younger kids that will grow into things in the future, just keep the well maintained items & box up clothing by size and sex and store somewhere other than their closet if you have the storage space available. When it comes to kids closets, make sure items are stored in a way that makes it easy for them to become more independent. Can they reach the things they need to? Is it obvious where things go?

6. Kid storage.
Coming up with a way to organize toys and games that is conducive to kids can be complicated. Bins can be a great help as a solution. This unit has the ability to do both store in bins and on shelves which can be helpful with multiple shapes of toys. Getting items off the floor and onto shelves or in bins is a must.

7. Kids books. The best advice here is have lots to choose from on shelves that your kids can easily reach. Color coordinating can be a fun project for kids and is much more practical in re-shelving than alphabetically.

8. Art supplies. Which supplies do you want them to be able to access without you present? Which supplies do you only want used with adult supervision? This changes with age so reorganizing is necessary over time. Going through and tossing broken, dried up etc. Storing in a way that allows kids to participate in clean up process. I've had great success over the years with a small chest of 4 drawers. It has grown with the kids starting with a drawer for play-doh, one for wooden puzzles, one with all kinds of paper to now holding all sorts of markers, paints, clay & older kids art items. 

As always, HYD is here to help if you're needing a little boost to get these projects started. Just drop us a line at or call us at 865.245.9080.