home office must-haves

Whether you work from home full time or not- chances are you need a space to handle paperwork, pay bills and get personal tasks done. We have a few suggestions for your home office space, even if you don't have a separate "office" room in your home. We know that space, furniture and budgets are all constraints here but we hope these ideas help you create a space that is productive and also a space that you love. Here are some must-haves for your office space.


  • Notepad- If you are on a call or making plans, you need a place for those thoughts and numbers to land. Maybe a legal pad or clipboard would work for you, or maybe you are a sticky note lover. 

  • Stationary and mail- Having the essentials on hand will set you up for success. Stamps, note cards, return address labels, and envelopes are the keys. 

  • Pens- It's always helpful to have at least one highlighter and Sharpie available. Find your favorite writing tools and stock up so you don't spend time searching for them. 

  • all the littles- We're talking paperclips, staples, rubber bands, tab dividers, etc. A drawer with dividers and different size containers is the perfect home for these supplies. Or if you'd prefer them to be visible, pick up a stylish tray to place on top of your desk as your "control center". 


  • Contact Information- When you meet a new friend or get a business card, what do you do with that information? Create a system that works for you, maybe you have an album on your smart phone where you take pictures of the business cards you collect. Or maybe you have a box that functions as a  small filing system (alphabetically by name or type of service they offer) for contact info. 

  • Calendar- Similar to contacts, you have the choice of paper or electronic. Some people like to use both. The great thing about using your phone calendar is the reminders and alerts that keep you on track. Planners and agendas are great for seeing your week at a glance and scheduling your days. Here's a link to some fun printable calendars. 

  • Files- Again the question of paper vs. electronic is up to you. If you purchase an inexpensive scanner, you can digitally upload all of the papers that you need, in folders on your computer. If the traditional paper filing system works for you, go for it. Make sure to get folders that will allow you to separate and categorize the items you need to organize. Think colors, labels and dividers here. We love working with clients to come up with a personalized system that works best for you. 


  • Seating- Never underestimate the power of a comfortable chair. What you can do in a nice padded seat compared to a hard and rigid chair will surprise you. It's worth looking for just the right chair and spending a little money on. If you enjoy standing while you work, look into standing desk options. 

  • Natural Light- Windows are ideal in any space that you will be spending time as they allow the sunlight to warm the room, energize your mind and get you going! If windows aren't present in your space, find a few lamps that will create warm and inviting light. 

  • Plant(s)- It's life-giving to have a real life plant in your workspace. It's something to tend to, but it also reminds you of growth, our need for nourishment and the fragility of life. Find a little low maintenance succulent to start with. 

  • Inspiration- We feel strongly about creating a space you enjoy. As you dream up this home office, what are the colors you love? Decorate with a few of your favorite prints or art pieces.

If a home office seems unattainable or like a far fetched dream, let us come help create an office space in your home with you. We love empowering our clients through a personal and orderly work space. 





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The Dreaded Paper Piles

If you have paper piles everywhere, feel overwhelmed with starting a filing system, or feel like your current filing system isn't working, we have a few ideas for you...

1. Create an active set of files that are easily accessible (not in your file cabinet). Use this to keep track of the paper that come in regularly. Think school, sports, events, and other family/kid related paperwork.

2. Each year, go through your file cabinet top to bottom and shred the things that are no longer relevant or needed. If you're not sure, check this list to see what's safe to toss and what you need to keep.

3. Move things online- many services offer the option of going paperless. Take the time to switch your regular service bills to online billing methods to save paper and save space in your file cabinet.

4. Start with an efficient and organized set of tabs. Half of the battle of paper organization is figuring out how specific to be when creating labels and tabs to keep things in order.

5. Figure out what system works best for your stage in life, time, and personality. Maybe simple is best for you- try this 4 file system. There isn't an end-all-be-all best way to file, so finding a system that works for you is really important and will make all the difference in being able to stay organized.

Lastly, If you can't imagine facing the paper on your own, give us a call and we will work through it with you!